Coco and Breezy, Closets
Coco and Breezy

Coco and Breezy, identical twins from Minneapolis, say that together they are one person, and have literally never spent a day apart. They have had the good fortune to have each other while fending off stares in their Grace Jones meets Star Trek style. The twins' high voltage, over-the-top line of sunglasses began when they needed to block themselves from "taunting peers." Every day counts both in their work ethic (they sleep three to four hours a night) and in their imaginative and highly assembled outfits. Everything is possible for creating the details that make a difference, like the broken glass off of the street from a bus window that adorns one shoulder of a leather jacket, and their kingsized and king-like rings that they made with materials from Home Depot (they have the power of Gladiator chic written all over them). Despite the fact that Coco and Breezy finish each others' food, designs, and sentences, they love to learn from other people and everything around them. For me, this is a sign of their guaranteed success, and I have a feeling this is just the beginning of these futuristic rockers.

Check out Coco and Breezy's blog here.

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