Cindy Ko, Closets
Cindy Ko

I'm a sucker for the "alternative" loafer, and zeroed in on Cindy's sheepskin-detailed specimens like a hawk. Though she loves the freedom of expression in fashion that the internet has given birth to -- no matter how out there -- she has a talent for precision when it comes to her own elegant articulation. With perfect NARS heatwave lipstick, hair swept back, and a black and beige striped sweater under a shaggy, tobacco-brown Stella McCartney jacket, American Apparel shiny leggings and Zara pumps that perfectly mimic ones made for four times the price, she is classy with a level of authenticity that is captivating.

This morning I noticed a tweet that said something like, "We would never leave the celebrities naked on the red carpet," and I winced at the idea that we have gotten to a point in our culture that they would be helpless dressing themselves and looking good. Cindy could walk down the red carpet in her Topshop white-crocheted shift and her favorite Saludo espadrilles and steal the show, let alone in her black hourglass dress with metallic ballet flats (and not an ounce of bling). Treasure what you have, she feels, and never caught up in what everybody has. That attitude makes you want everything she has on.

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