Chris Chambers, Closets
Chris Chambers

Posting Chris is a march down StyleLikeU memory lane for me as he was one of the first people that I scouted when he was standing outside of The Standard a couple of years ago. He is unforgettable with his insane crown of braids that make everything classic look so cool and everything avant garde look so earthy. It only took 2 years to finally interview Chris, because he is a high powered music publicist who has worked with the likes of Prince, D’Angelo , OutKast, Usher and Eve.

"Clothes are like my drug," Chris says, which is clear when you see his hundred variations of the white shirt to his passion for head-to-toe Dries Van Noten. Chris' black tie look with Pucci tux pants, a vintage Tom Ford for YSL jacket, Louis Vuitton sandals and gold chains exemplifies not only his love of taste as in The Single Man, but his quest for individuality, which he attributes to his mom who is"never afraid to go for anything."

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