Chase Cohl, Closets
Chase Cohl

Chase's goal is to "remain childlike in her creativity...and among other things to find a good man and have nine children and pet wolves and live in the woods." Based on her recent move out west and the magical world that she has manifested there, it seems as though her fairytale is coming true. Chase's style is a lifestyle in the truest sense. Everything in her world is a reflection of her imagination and visions. Her particular infatuation with Native American culture can be seen in everything from her thesis in college (native culture, poetry, and religion) to the teepee in her backyard (she loves forts) to her authentic "slave" turquoise and silver bracelet (will give you a heart attack) to her perfect smushy suede vintage boots that she wears with everything (refreshingly timeless). Chase has such a strong sense of her aesthetic that there isn't anything in her closet but dresses and none that she doesn't feel great in, as long as they are worn "her way," made "dirty and rugged." She doesn't wait for someone to make things happen for her. Much as Chase loved the Big Apple, she yearned for the nostalgia of '60s rock and roll (check her reference to the documentary Groupies), a sense of community with enough city, but more nature, so she re-rooted and moved across the country. Chase has also started her own business of making the over-the-top fantasy accessories that she wears and loves for the public to own with her line, (Littledoe). The idea is that anything done from one's passion has the power to influence, who said dreams don't come true?

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