Charlotte Kemp Muhl & Eden Rice, Closets
Charlotte Kemp Muhl & Eden Rice

Under the name Kemp & Eden, Charlotte and Eden released their first album, entitled Black Hole Lace.

1) How did you find Charlotte and Eden?
I had seen Charlotte perform with Sean at the Rebecca Minkoff fashion show a couple of years ago.

2) What did Charlotte and Eden inspire you to buy?
Charlotte's bone necklace from the Mountain Man Festival. I actually looked up when the next one will be, after the shoot.
Eden's UNBELIEVABLE surreal paintings, I am obsessed!!

3) What's the first thing you remember from your shoot with Charlotte and Eden?
How we had a miscommunication that turned into something telepathic on the first day the shoot was scheduled with them. We thought they had cancelled, but they hadn't and they were trying to reach me at the same time that I had happened to walk past their home, having no idea where they lived.

4) What did Charlotte and Eden inspire in you?
To own lots of animals, including rabbits, even if you live in NYC, and that passion, truth, being real and knowledge is everything.

5) What is your favorite thing about Charlotte's style?
Eden's big floppy Southern belle hats and waist length red hair. Charlotte's Lolita-esque, tomboy mix of girly dresses with cowboy boots or animal bones and vintage bustiers that she doesn't fill out. Bustiers look best to me on smaller chested women.

6) What style tip did you personally take away from your interview with Charlotte and Eden?
That we need to wear animals on us to feel more connected to nature, and that dresses can be more tomboyish than pants.
I also love when she says "I don’t like pants because I actually find they’re less tomboyish… I can rape and pillage and move around faster in a dress, you know what I mean? Cause if I want to pee on the side of the road, which I do all the time, it’s gonna take way longer if I’m in pants."

7) Emotionally, what has stayed with you since your interview with Charlotte and Eden?
Eden's honesty and tears when she was was talking about how much she was blaming and deriving validation externally when she first came to NYC, before she had lived with the group of artists she lives with now, who have been a mirror to her. "I had let so much of my willpower get away from me. I was saying, 'I can’t do this because of this situation, and I can’t do this because of this person, and I can’t do this because I want this from this person, and I can’t peruse this relationship because it's not providing enough for me. All of a sudden I realized this feeling of fulfillment that I’m searching for has to come from inside of me.'"

Charlotte's honesty about her relationship, "I lucked out with Sean. He can actually be such a caveman. That’s kind of awesome because I’m always such a boy, but he’s one of the first guys that I’ve dated that really made me feel like a woman. He can intimidate me physically and mentally. And I think that’s when I feel the most beautiful, when I feel like his woman."

8) What was the most covetable item in Charlotte and Eden's wardrobe?
Charlotte's victorian boots that she drew on a piece of paper and had made by a cobbler in Venice and Eden's floor length lavender Victorian dress.

9) What was your favorite thing Charlotte and Eden said or did during the interview?
"I most admire uniqueness. I don’t like one-size-fits-all generic mentalities and personalities. I really like the broken weirdoes or the obsessive-compulsive types. The people who are so driven by one thing, obsessed with one thing or really really good at one thing and bad at another." -Charlotte

“I think my family was amazing and they were very loving. But I think if Charlotte had not been in my life – being that person to challenge me and being the one that was out there living this crazy, amazing, eccentric life… I wouldn't have realized how much the outside world shapes you, it’s very humbling." -Eden

10) What surprised you about Charlotte and Eden?
Charlotte's snake – Pon Ying, an albino python that got lost in their house and wasn't found until 3 weeks later crawling up the stairs.

Questions answered by Co-Founder and Editor In Chief, Elisa Goodkind.
Video Edited by Shane Harrington.

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