Celia Smith and Tasha Beltran, Closets
Celia Smith and Tasha Beltran

I first saw these nothing-short-of-spectacular sisters at a book signing for The Sartorialist this past winter, and was unable to remove their duo-image from my mind. Both were making hypnotizing statements with their hair - Tasha was in her signature fushia shade, and Celia, a magnificent afro at the time. I soon learned that their kinship made them more than just sisters - they are truly kindred spirits. The two are literally bookends, both essentially classic and eclectic, but with one leaning towards the feminine and the other, towards the masculine. I couldn't have staged it better. Celia (or "Stiletta," as she is nicknamed) in her sweater dress, floral tights, and wedgie Pradas and Tasha in her denim shirt, military leggings, and penny loafers; Celia in her sequin minidress and skimpy Louboutins, and Tasha, in her mom's vintage slip dress and Doc Martens; Celia twirling, in her gold pleated skirt and Miu Miu heels, with Tasha reserved, in her knickers and beloved Cole Haan riding boots. A style standout, for me, was the juxtaposition of Celia's Peruvian poncho over sparkles, and another was Tasha's silk scarf tied over her head, a la Grace Kelly. Celia says that Tasha brings her down to earth, but that she, in turn, brings Tasha back up, "out of sneakers and sweatpants. It's great to have a best friend for a sister."

If you like Celia, you might enjoy Coco and Breezy and Darcy Miro.

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