Carolyne Cass, Closets
Carolyne Cass

Carolyne had the good fortune of growing up with a grandmother, mother and older sisters with flawless taste and the good judgment to save all of their prized possessions. In her lifetime, she has been able to rummage through boxes of the finest in vintage hand me downs. As a result, Carolyne possesses a unique ability to find anything that has been discarded and turn it into something current. My favorite idea from her is the 1950's girdle that she found in Paris and wears as a skirt. I love that she did this before the most recent Dior Couture Collection, where garders and girdles donned the runway as outerwear. She's also got the knack for rocking the jaw dropping shoes, they bring a rawness and seductive proportion to her famial lineage of clothing.

Check out Carolyne's Site for Her Own Designs

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