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Carlyle Hanson

Carlyle Hanson for from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

Carlyle opened the door in a turban, argyle sweater, bow tie, and jeans, with his son Imani on his hip. Low-key and dignified, he is a beautiful mix of the spirituality of his Jamaican roots and the good 19th century European gentleman good taste. He layers no matter the season. So intent on being pulled together in a starched high collar, even in the sweltering heat of the summer, he cuts the sleeves off of his white button downs shirts and wears them under everything. Carlyle is all about integrity and takes great pride in every detail of his life from fatherhood, to his career as a designer to what he wears. He is deeply cloaked in the textured nuances of his clothes and in his depth of dedication to the empowerment of women in honor of his mother, to whom he credits his strong faith in himself. In a touching moment in his 2nd video, about his career, he says that if he had to define love it would be his mother... and it is said in a way that sends chills up your spine. In an effort to empower women, he has built into his jean line for them, People's Pride, a condom hidden where the zipper unzips. It is designed not just for their protection, but to help liberate females from the taboo that they are not in control of taking care of their own protection. A Dreamy Romantic in his capes and vests, an Earthy Free Thinker in his perfectly worn denim, Carlyle is a bottomless well of thoughts and talent. This is embodied in the Declaration of Independence-style letter that comes with his jeans, where he pours out his unabounding love for the world and life and the respect that he has for the connection of everyone to everything.

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