Bridget Russo, Closets
Bridget Russo

How did you find Bridget?
Lily: My mom and I met Bridget about a year ago at an event at the Gramercy Park Hotel. She was wearing a white vintage victorian dress and totally stood out from the crowd.

What were you inspired to buy after your shoot with Bridget?
Lily: I want everything! I am a huge fan of all of Bridget's beaded necklaces and crafts that she has accumulated from Kenya and Morocco-- Bridget and I even have a few of the same pieces from when I was in Kenya a few summers ago. Her toned down pieces are really cool too, like her white cropped top from Oak that I would love to wear with some of my high wasted / printed skirts. I'm also really into her vintage Rogan cargo pants and how she wears it with an oversized Topshop collegiate cardigan.

What's the first think you remember from your shoot?
Lily: How hysterical Bridget's dog, Delilah, is, and how great it is that her collar from Kenya matches and reflects Bridget's aesthetic and story as much as her own clothes do.

What personal quality do you admire about Bridget?
Lily: I really admire Bridget's whole career path. I feel like she's my career spirit guide, since we both went to NYU (I still go, kindof, sort of) and am also interested in development in Africa. The whole time I was interviewing her I was salivating over all of the projects that she has worked on (from her work with Edun to her new agency, Passion Projects), where she has traveled for her jobs, and on her drive / commitment to work on "do good" fashion projects. I too can't do anything for "the buck" alone.

What is your favorite thing about Bridget's style?
Lily: How laid back and effortless it all looks. Even in heels, Bridget doesn't look "fussy" at all. She also likes to "collide genres," as she says, like when she pairs a neutral colored silk cocoon dress from A Detacher with bright turquoise opaque tights and Margiela glam spat boot. Her use of bright colors is inspiring, like her royal blue Maria Cornejo dress and printed Suno jacket. Bridget seems confident in what she chooses to wear and then wears it for years, making it work into whatever style phase she's in.

Emotionally, what has stayed with you since your interview with Bridget?
Lily: Bridget seems really easy going and like she handles stress well. I can get overwhelmed easily, so I've been trying to channel Bridget's work ethic. She doesn't seem to make anything too complicated.

Who else from StyleLikeU does Bridget remind you of?
Ashley Wick, Natalie Kates and Lisa Moffie.

Questions answered by Lily Mandelbaum, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief.

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