Raif Adelberg, Closets
Raif Adelberg

It would take one goat 20 years to produce enough yarn for Raif to make one of his extraordinarily unique, handmade cashmere sweaters. That's the integrity behind all of Raif's work, whether he's taking photographs, surfing or designing. Also beyond average is how Raif's sweaters, hats and knit-wear are all made without an ounce of waste. Imperfection lives within and throughout Raif's work, not in the form of a mistake, but in that each piece reveals the personal and hand work that goes into Raif's craftsmanship. Curious from the time he was a kid, Raif dropped out of high school to explore and do as much as he could, between designing for Wings and Horns, opening the luxury store Richard Kidd, ice fishing with Native Americans near his home in Vancouver (where he goes to sleep at 8 PM and wakes up with the sun), and developing his own clothing line. Raif's self-proclaimed motto: "Things that you think about doing, just do it."

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