Bobby Hicks, Closets
Bobby Hicks

In button-down shirts, bow ties, English-major specs, suspenders,  and covered in tats, Bobby tells us, "In a culture where we're so focused on charging forward, there's something rebellious about being brought back to a different time." Our newest muse, who turns cocktails into a delicate craft and dresses like a sophisticated denizen from a Henry James novel, is enthralled to the sensation of getting inked up. And he prefers his ancient/modern form of adornments where it hurts the most, like his feet. The lavishness of Bobbie's body art (which is particularly spectacular when his painted legs are juxtaposed with classic bermudas) calls to mind the epic Russian novelists (e.g Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy) that he's obsessed with (note the Russian nesting doll on his forearm).

When referring to the art of tending bar, Bobby says, "Authenticity is not based on your ice -- it's not based on what kind of spirit you use -- it's based on the kind of dedication you have." For us, this means that no matter how fancy the drink is, it'll taste like crap unless the person who prepared it is passionate and devoted to his craft. Bobby? He's devoted to the things he cares for all the way -- whether it's his polished, well-manicured 30s flair or the honor of his iconic Japanese-inspired arm sleeve. The samurai determination was on full-on display when Bobby revealed to us, "Doubt is not something I'm familiar with. In some way, I feel like everything I do will work out. And if it doesn't, I'm going to work twice as hard to make it work."

Elisa & Lily

Bobby's video was edited by Claudia Bitran

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