Binki Shapiro, Closets
Binki Shapiro

1. What did Binki inspire you to buy?
Elisa: To buy lots of flowers for my apartment and to watch the documentaries by Ray Kurzweil, whose films reflect on how scary the future is because of technology, and Scott Walker, whose films are about his music and how he never listens to a song he has written once it is completed. On how inspired Binki is by Scott Walker, she says, "I admire that strength to just walk away when it is over, because I can't help but go back and nit-pick and listen. It's tough."

2. What's the first thing you remember from your shoot with Binki?
Elisa: How easy and down to earth she is and how much Binki values her friendships with other encouraging, creative people like Fabrizio Moretti, with whom she started Little Joy, Adam Green, with whom she has a new album coming out, and Devendra Banhart.

3. What personal quality/character did Binki make you admire or aspire to have?
Elisa: Her contentedness with being a musician for the sake of making music, and how grateful she is to be able to support herself doing so, rather than being obsessed by making tons of money. "I can eat and I can pay my rent and I get to do what I love to do and I don't need to be famous and elite and a millionaire making more money than everyone else. I can afford to do what I do and that is great."

4. What is your favorite thing about Binki's style?
Elisa: I love how much Binki cares about how she dresses, but does so in a way that is so understated. You would not see Binki in sweats and a tee, even at the flea market. She has a way of knowing exactly what works for her and doesn't sway from who she is. In jeans and boots she is completely herself. Her Marigiela suede ankle boots that she wears everyday, her high waisted polka dot Vena Cava pants, her Isabel Marant mini-skirt and her Levi's cut-offs that she wears with a twist on a classic Phillip Lim cut out sweater, are examples of signature Binki -- cool, understated, but memorable pieces. She turns your head without screaming at you.

5. Who else on StyleLikeU does Binki remind you of and why?
Elisa: Sophie Assa for her clean, effortless aesthetic and Lexie and Rachel Smith for their non-chalant way of getting it just right.

6. What was the most covetable item in Binki’s wardrobe?
Elisa: I would have liked to go home with Binki's Vena Cava "princess" dress. And the Margiela suede ankle boots.

7. What was your favorite thing that Binki said or did during the interview?
Elisa: I was very intrigued with what Binki said about her songwriting in terms of getting something across in the way that she speaks in real life instead of rhyming or trying too hard. It's a great lesson for any kind of art form or message that you are trying to deliver. "I would never say to someone 'I feel so blue today' so why would I say that in a song? …I realized that if I actually put more time into saying what I want to say well and in the most articulated way that sounds the most like me, then I am not embarrassed or uncomfortable showing them to people, because it's like having a conversation and it is true to me," Binki states.

8. What was your favorite thing about Binki's apartment?
Elisa: The light pouring in, the French doors overlooking the courtyard fountain, and Binki's vignettes everywhere of everything from coral to antique arrows and loads of seminal books.

Questions answered by Elisa Goodkind, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief.

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