Sixty is Sexy with Motorcycle Queen and Everest Climber Betsy Huelskamp, Closets
Sixty is Sexy with Motorcycle Queen and Everest Climber Betsy Huelskamp

We are thrilled to be back with a look into what’s inside the closets of the boundary-breaking renegades we feature in our new weekly podcast, What’s Underneath. Today, we begin with Motorcycle Queen and Everest Climber Betsy Huelskamp, whose fearless lifestyle of traveling matches her ageless and boundless personal style.

Often while riding her Harley Davidson and always driven by her immense love for this planet and the cultures that inhabit it, there is almost no wild and untouched place on this planet to which Betsy Huelskamp has not traveled. Despite having practically no time to train, and facing life-threatening hostility from the men around her, she reached over 27,000 feet on Mount Everest. In this episode, Betsy talks to us about the Death Zone on Everest, the life-changing empowerment of riding a motorbike, the devastating losses of loved ones she’s experienced along the way, and how her faith keeps her tirelessly pushing boundaries. For Betsy, getting older means growing into her freedom, even if it comes with a price.

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