Becka Diamond, Closets
Becka Diamond

I met Becka through her friend Byrdie Bell. Becka lives in an apartment in Brooklyn that from the outside, looks more like a funky beach house in Venice, CA, a town known to be the pinnacle of bohemian chic d├ęcor. Murals in the hallway and ivy hanging all over the front porch, her entranceway is the perfect prelude to Becka, who is a whirlwind of diverse and profound interests and thus highly enlightened style. It hasn't taken her much time in life to figure out what she calls the "core of awesomeness," like her Rick Owens leather jacket that is sooooo worth every penny because she will wear it everyday and every year from September to June (a girl after my own heart, I do the same with my Rick, over and under everything, everyday.) Furthermore, Becka's new addition to her impressive nucleus is her beloved Nicholas Kirkwood pump, which reveals her "super girly side, but as long as it is dark." She's a voracious consumer of culture and it all informs her style. Becka's favorite biography is of Edie Sedgwick, she adores her Chloe booties because they remind her of Marianne Faithful, she loves all things French, thus her tattoo "Je t'aime," and Joan Didion's "The White Album" is another passion for its descriptive recollections of the notable characters of LA in the late 60's like Charles Manson and the Black Panthers. Music is a huge influence, especially rock and roll and goth, and she has a collection of vintage T's to prove it. David Bowie was her first crush and she has inscribed on each wrist "Diamond" and "Doll," a play on his song "Diamond Dogs." Becka's love of culture and its icons has inspired her to become her own defining force of tastemaker, she has a powerful intuitive sense and never regrets a piece.

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