Aymeric Bergada Du Cadet, Closets
Aymeric Bergada Du Cadet

Uncomfortable in comfortable clothes, Aymeric's style pays homage not to common convenience but to 19th-century kings, such as Ludwig of Bavaria, and 20th-century heroines, like Marlene Dietrich. As the Parisian stylist and artist announces, "you can aspire to be whoever you want to be." A lover of all things rich with ornamentation and history, there is not a white space to be found in Aymeric's fantastical abode; it is an endorphin rush that would awaken the Information Age's most dulled senses. Not a shopper, Aymeric hunts for pieces that exalt and embellish every inch of his interior and exterior spaces (i.e. body and home). A la Scarlett O'Hara, satin curtains hang over his bed that can serve as props for his creative gigs or can be worn in order to complete one of his insanely elevating outfits du jour.

"When you're shy and in a room full of fabulous people, and too scared to say anything," explains Aymeric, "your clothes can say it for you." In stately 70s heels, haute couture turbans, piercing pink tights, romantic Westwood shirts, Gaultier waistcoats, exotic nose rings, and a Versace tie that hints at the 90s, Aymeric's style is a curated collage that reminds us of what fashion should be. As passionate about the 20th century's final decade as he is about Renaissance kings, Aymeric states, "I've got a modern vision of history." His vision is a sensual acuity that morphs into his career as a costumer, stylist, and performance artist for the House of Drama, where he recreates iconic classic paintings in real time. "It's all in the attitude," Aymeric believes. If your clothes fit well, you sit up straight, and if you are fearless in your work, then eventually you overcome your inhibitions. Once an introvert, Aymeric is now thrilled to be on the stage, so much so that he is willing to die doing it in foot-tall platforms that a friend made for him. "If it's considered unuseful," Aymeric reveals, "it excites me."

Aymeric was shot, photographed, and interviewed by Elisa, Lily & Andrea Cruz
His closet was edited by Adaeze Elechi




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