Athena Calderone, Closets
Athena Calderone

1) What did Athena inspire you to buy?
The Row tank tops as a great idea to wear with my shredded, exaggerated bell bottom, silk Rick Owens pants. Athena wears them with drop dead Dolce ones that are similar. -Dries Van Noten oxfords with a stacked heel. I completely agree with her on how doughty cool they are. It's hard to find comfortable and edgy shoes, and Dries does it so well. - Endless amounts of Victorian white dresses, as I too have an obsession with them. - It's still on my mind to track down her long feather and thread earrings from I'm Jewel. Lily lost a pair that I once had. She loses all of the jewelry that I lend her. - Gary Clark Jr's music on ITunes.

2) What's the first thing you remember from your shoot with Athena?
That we are both Scorpios and bonded over how intense and sensitive we both are.

3) What personal quality/character did you admire.
Her joy for motherhood. I love how Athena describes finding her playful and pure side again with her son, like when they back flip together in a pool and when he teaches her how to surf. She seems to be able to balance being present with her family and her career, which was one of my hardest challenges. I often don't feel I did such a great job with this, erring on the side of possibly sacrificing too much for my kids (moderation is not my middle name) in spite of my own needs creatively and professionally.

4) What is your favorite thing about Athena's style?
Her piles of bracelets, including a Phillip Crangi nail bangle that made me pull mine back out and wear it with everything on my wrist that I could find, and her little boy jean jacket over everything.

5) Who else on StyleLikeU does Athena remind you of? Why?
Her friend Jenne Lombardo, who referred her to us. They both do sophisticated and effortless so well.

6) Emotionally, what has stayed with you since your interview with Athena?
That having kids can bring you closer to your style, making you more of who you are instead of less. One of the hardest things I found as a mother was the dearth of other mothers to relate to on clothes, style, music and many things that were once valued before becoming mothers. I too have felt that I grew more into my style with motherhood.

7) What was your favorite thing Athena said during the interview?
"Everything in my life is extremes. Not only emotion, my hair it either has be bangs and shorter, or long and wavy and hippie. Or my clothes have to be super feminine but with some fucked up kind of edgy thing…." From one Scorpio to the other, I RELATE.

8) What was your favorite thing about Athena's Apt?
The breath taking views of Manhattan through the floor to ceiling windows, the books on the floor piled up with vignettes on top, the embroidered Turkish shoes as decoration on a coffee table, the art, the furniture and in general, her inimitable way of pairing the odd with the ordinary. You can see Athena's blog and interior design work at Eye Swoon.

Questions answered by Elisa Goodkind, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief.

Video Edited by Shane Harrington.

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