Antino Crowley, Closets
Antino Crowley

Antino says that he has spent alot of his life having mulitple identity crises that would manifest in his style as changing constantly from preppie to skater, hard as that is to imagine when you see him today, literally a thoroughbred of sober chic and a model of non-chameleon self-confidence. He is from a conservative southern baptist family and says that he was the "black sheep", leading to a long struggle and many obstacles in order to find comfort in the creative and open soul that he is. Antino's path is largely documented by his state of the art tattoos, which serve both as a means to tell his story and as an accessory to his impeccably refined wardrobe of designers like Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester, the giants of originality and philosophical ideas in their designs. He himself is a deep thinker extraordinaire and so refreshingly open about his own struggle with the complexity of human nature and the juxtaposition of good and evil that exists everywhere. His left hand says sinner, his right hand, saint, and the nude woman is a she-devil with a halo. Antino loves and embraces comfortably the exploration of the dark side of everything because he is filled with so much light.

Photo Shoot of Antino

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