Amber Doyle, Closets
Amber Doyle

Amber loves her vintage monkey furs, but what makes them and everything she wears poignant for her are its details, origins, and loss of breath when she sees it. Her excitement is palpable when she explains how she found the original owner's picture in the pocket of one of the furs, with the date of the photo of New Year's 1949. The photo now sits in a frame on Amber's mantle, as if the woman in it is a relative, making explicit the chilling and considerable emotional connection that antique clothing and its context has for her. She attributes her obsession with the beauty of detail to her Native American roots and the beadwork she would do as a child in Chicago. The appreciation for authenticity can be seen in everything Amber either owns or makes, from the original edition Vivienne Westwood pirate squiggle-print boots (that are signed by the designer) to her exquisite hand-made silk dupione blouses with the perfectly oversized french cuffs. She has both a strong passion for the feminine "lush" of the '20s and '30s, like her peach chiffon sheer dress - I love how she wears it with black thick tights and her go-to floppy hat. And then Eduardian-inspired, tailored men's suiting, like her own designed three-piece suit, made to be serious with lots of buttons and unique lining and fun by pairing it with shorts. Amber's infatuation with drama and tradition has led her to open a shop on the Lower East Side of bespoke clothing, where she can fully explore and bring to life her crush on the meaning behind the inception of the most time-honored prototypes.

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