Alex Chapman, Closets
Alex Chapman

The Emerson quote above is on a bracelet that Alex never takes off and that was given to him by his sister. He says that he was a "strangeling" already in kindergarten, but believes that deep down people are really open and just afraid to admit it. Alex is so optimistic that he sees negativity as positive. He feels that even if he is being judged, it's better than making no mark at all, "even a white canvas makes people feel something." There is alot about Alex that begs attention when it comes to talent, like the penny loafers he cuts open, the tux jacket that he pins the tails up on and the perfection of mixing a classic blazer and jeans with a Pink Floyd T and then topped off with an orange studded plastic bag that he designed. He is unstoppable when it comes to making what he feels to satisfy his creative urges, a stand-out is his Margiela-esque hair bolero made from wigs. Alex is inspired by movies like Mad Max, Lost Boys and Water World, he loves the over the top styling and how even how the bad guys are in perfectly placed beads and feathers chasing people. He has a tattoo that says "Happy Trails" in a rope font that is in memory of his uncle who passed away suddenly several years ago. The tattoo is a reminder to him to live life to it's fullest everyday. Then there are the intitials M and F on his right arm, for Marge and Frank, his parents, who support him every step of the way, which is clearly why Alex feels secure enough to call attention to himself by being an individual, without necessarily asking for it or needing it.

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