Agathe Snow, Closets
Agathe Snow

1) What were your favorite things about Agathe's house?
Elisa: The huge wide open fields in the back and her classic front porch.

2) What's the most coveted item in Agathe's wardobe?
Elisa: Her blue jean bell-bottoms into which she has sewn pieces of colorful bandanas. I love that her DIY playfulness with clothes comes from her childhood in Corsica. Her only access to clothes was one random company that would dump a thousand pairs of identical sparkly pants onto the island and everyone would have to figure out how to wear it. "You kind of mixed it up... and had to create your own style or do your own thing or else you're like a walking poster for Ralph Lauren," Agathe stated.

3) What is your favorite thing that Agathe said during your interview?
Elisa: Her perspective regarding her art and its process: "I realized that every single thing that I've done, no matter how stupid it was, I used eventually. To actually become an artist, to call myself an artist, it takes everything, you can't just come up with an idea and go for it, it actually takes you brooming some assholes floor, and everything to get there."

4) What do you most remember from your interview with Agathe?
I left Agathe's shoot fascinated by her experience growing up in the woods of Corsica and her precise description of the smell of the sea air on everything; her stories of the terrorists in black hoodies, with "the best outfits" suddenly running into schools, giving out pamphlets, running out and how the kids would meet them in the mountains; her years right after 9/11, in downtown NYC, when she found herself with a "family" of friends and artists, including Dash Snow (who she married & divorced) that gained notoriety and attention from the institutional art world. Or, as Agathe describes the group, "loud and young and running around and making noise." I also love how she describes it as "the first time I had a clan. I had my own gang. I belonged somewhere. It was the first time I had direction."

5) What do you most admire about Agathe?
Elisa: Her intense passion to make a difference with what she is saying with her art. As an example, right after 9/11 (or what she refers to as "The Apocalypse"), Agathe decided to make sculpture from what's around her, rather than "taking up more space in the world." At one point she literally took everything from an apartment she was moving from and made it into one of her art pieces. I also love how fearless she is in just going for things. Right after getting offered a solo show at the Guggenheim in Berlin, Agathe got pregnant and despite how scary the combination of those two huge things colliding in her life, she turned it into a positive and as something that would indicate a new phase of her self-expression. "This artwork came out of me and this baby came out of me... I have to be the best artist to be the best mom to my kid," Agathe expressed.

6) What's your favorite thing about Agathe's style?
Elisa: My favorite thing about Agathe's style is how eclectic and purely unaffected it is. She is as original in Dash's old basket ball jersey with lace-up jeans from St. Marks and ballet slippers as she is in an avant-garde architectural one piece from ThreeASFOUR. Also, my favorite style tip is one that was unintentional on her part. She wore through the shoulder of a Breton shirt, because she loved it so much after seeing Charlotte Gainsbourgh in L'Efrontée.

Questions answered by Elisa Goodkind, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief.

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