Adia Trischler, Closets
Adia Trischler

I spotted Adia standing on line for a fashion show at Bryant Park recently. She stood out from the crowd like an apparition from another world, a tasteful and authentic expression of every culture and all of time in one person, and so obviously someone with a sense of history and a very deep perspective. Very few could carry off her tribal-esque white eyebrows and emerald green eyeliner with the confidence and non chalance that she does. Adia's makeup is the perfect icing on the cake of everything that she wears, each and every piece a treasure, and a part of her, in the way that ancient Egyptian or African Royalty would acquire a wardrobe. Amid the sea of black in the tents, Adia was in a cascading ivory vintage Norma Kamali dress over cream, rouched leather Ann Demeulemeester leggings, a shawl made of zippers that wraps around her shoulders like an exquisite piece of armor and an artful pair of high heel boots, but without a heel. She lives in Vienna and was here recently working for the Austrian government on a mission to find unsual and new designers and bring their talents back to Europe,not a big surprise that this would be her expertise. Adia is from NYC, but literally ended up staying in Austria on a visit, despite the fact that she had been on a path to become an actor and was studying drama in London at the time. Her philosophy of life is to not plan too much and to allow life to happen. Had she not indulged in the freedom from the standard "5-year plan", she would not have met her husband, had her child or acquired the feeling of independence that she so obviously exudes. Adia's fearless spirit has led her to take many unexpected turns like producing and directing short films that incorporate fashion, but like everything with her, they are more about art and history than trends or commerce. Her knitted clogs, a mix of Japanese folk art and European style, say it all for me, she considers being outside the group when it comes to life and style, a gift.

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