Adele Mildred, Closets
Adele Mildred

We found Adele though the princess of layers and romance, Sofia Hedman. It was so impressive to me that once Adele decided that she wanted to design hats, she managed to meet the King of Millinery, Stephen Jones, and then packed her bags and moved from LA to London to work for him. Much better "suited" for living among history and charm, rather than the canyons and beach, Adele doesn't wear jeans, and is not just inspired by Hollywood movie stars such as Joan Crawford, Myrna Loy and Carole Lombard, but she literally looks like one. A love for etiquette, a hat, a pair of gloves for every outfit, and a 40's French dress made from a curtain, Adele "blames" her fixation with glamour on her mom, who dressed her head to toe in Orvis while growing up in Minnesota. I find it fascinating that Adele also became more comfortable with her body living in Europe and that she has discovered the red lipstick that doesn't come off, even while kissing, MAC's Ruby Woo.

Writing by Editor in Chief & Co-Founder, Elisa Goodkind.
Video Edited by Armand Michael.

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