neon hitch, Closets
Addicted to Headpieces

"I think that in a past life, I was a queen of some sort," Neon Hitch says while explaining her obsession for headpieces. Out of a desire to express her identification with monarchy, she wears one headpiece from her collection each day. These pieces include a crown of gold sunflowers, a feathered head-dress that reaches ten inches high and a knit one from Thailand which drapes down to her knees. Growing up unconventionally is an understatement for Neon. She lived on a bus and traveled from circus to circus with her free spirited mother and sisters, which has everything to do with her independent ways. At 11, Neon got her own caravan, at 16, she traveled to India on her own for 3 years, and at 19, she moved to London to focus on her music career where she roomed with Amy Winehouse and began recording with Benny Blanco. By the size of her passion, it doesn't seem like this girl and her drive to be unique can be stopped.


Music by Roma.
Video edited by Andrew Sorenson & Armand Michael.

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