Adam Green, Closets
Adam Green

Punched and pushed at school, Adam Green was a far cry from jock royalty growing up. Today, he's a mad Renaissance man, fitting in his passion for painting on Sundays between fits of music genius that's fully displayed on his new album of starry-eyed duets with Binki Shapiro. You might mistake him for one of his own heroes, Leonard Cohen, sitting on the floor, splashing rich oil colors all over his Borsalino hat, vintage pea coat, green denim jeans, and jazz shoes.

Adam's opposition to cultures that are scarce in insight and congested with conformity has rendered him a king in our hearts -- an endearingly hilarious one bedecked in red velvet bell-bottoms in the hopes of squashing trendy skinny jeans and the commonplace men's colors, olive and tan. "I try to bring a different perspective to what's going on," Adam says. His singular stance shines in everything he does. He flips the slur he was continually called in high school -- "faggot" -- into the positive that it really is, announcing that he now only hangs with all of his other cool, fellow faggots. He makes Hanukah socks edgy and dates two hauntingly gorgeous girl BFFs simultaneously. Adam doesn't outsource his brain to prescribed trajectories. He dropped out of college to continue his music writing with Kimya in Washington state, leading, Adam recalls laughingly, to a Moldy Peaches record deal "over a bagel for a thousand dollars."


A lover of ruffled shirts and uniquely detailed garments, Adam is the ruler of his mind and plans his own itinerary irrespective of the world of the lowest common denominator that he is ruefully surrounded by. In an environment perverted by YouTube views, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers, Adam confounds the dunce-head numerical system. His life -- his art -- quivers with tickling and artistically nourishing twists and turns, like the times he sung on the N and R trains clad in Civil War clothes. Acknowledging that he might be broke forever while Rebecca Black's bank account bulges brazenly, Adam is a passionate, playful, and relentlessly creative minstrel living amongst a cascade of people perpetuating what Adam acutely describes as "porn culture."

Video Edited by Gregory Pescia.

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