Adam Erick Wallace & Karolina Babczynska, Closets
Adam Erick Wallace & Karolina Babczynska

Perspective, which both Karolina and Adam possess, is power, which makes them as grounded as they are beautiful. Karolina was born in communist Poland and lived there until she was two and half years old. Just before the wall came down, her parents escaped to Hamburg, Germany, where she grew up. Adam was born in New Jersey and is the son of two ministers who moved frequently during his adolescence - Indiana, Nebraska, Michigan, Oregon, Idaho and Ohio to be exact, every one to five years - counseling people in distress. “I always say that, for Westerners, we are so lucky to have the freedom, in the sense that we can wear what we want, we don’t have to fear our neighbors as spies and we don’t have to ask for permission to leave for a vacation,” Karolina says, knowing firsthand from having grown up with the terrifying stories of her parents and older sister. “I don’t really feel rooted anywhere. It took awhile to find that home is wherever I am and that the people I am around are my family in that moment… make the most of where you are and go deep into your experiences,“ Adam has learned.

At the unusually young age of sixteen, Karolina started to venture out into the world, modeling in places as far-reaching as South Africa, Spain, Athens, Paris and London. But despite her worldliness, she is as down to earth as can be, wearing no makeup with a uniform of “solid” high-waisted Levi's jeans, the signature classic black sweater and hint of bohemian Tibetan hoop earring. Her mom's comfort in her own natural skin has been a source of great inspiration to Karolina. Drawn both to the spiritual cloistering of a monk and the exploratory bent of a transient, Adam is similar to the two sides of the characters that make a whole in “Naricissus and Goldmund," one of his favorite books by Herman Hesse. His style is elemental and authentic - most of what he wears is found during his travels and the pieces stick with him for their sentimental value, like the charm necklace that his mother gave him for Karolina that he wears, a found cardigan that his fiancée stitched for him, his first camera, sold to him by a friend for five dollars, which he still uses for his photography, and probably most of all, his unapologetic long locks of hair - he's always felt that when he cut them for modeling, he lost a part of himself.

Karolina feels that the American Indian engagement ring Adam gave her says everything about the couple's originality and never in your face style. Her years of traveling reveal the influence of tribal cultures, with her long animal print dress and piled-on eclectic jewels while he keeps it real and elegant in nautical stripes, white jeans and western shirts. “You have to find your stillness and peace and separateness within yourself to be independent and to be whole, to have that individuality, and also to be part of the whole experience of life,” Adam feels. And for Karolina, “It’s only the mind that sets limits.”

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