Mariah: Addicted to Neckties, Profiles
Mariah: Addicted to Neckties

While a necktie addiction might be something you typically associate with dudes, as Annie Hall famously proved over 30 years ago, woman can easily re-appropriate this typically masculine garment for their own uses.  Mariah, perhaps Ms. Hall's heir apparent at least in terms of her style, certainly does not subscribe to the notion that neckties are just for men. She also doesn't abide by the idea that wearing the item takes away from her femininity. Discussing the way wearing a tie or neckerchief accents her collar bones, Mariah says,  "I feel like it's a part of my body that I can accent that isn't my midriff or leg.... I think it's a gorgeous part of a woman's body." Watch more in the video to the left.

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