StyleLikeU x Olie Biologique, Our Partners
My Beauty Is My Story

We've built our video platform and movement on the pillars of radical honesty, diversity, and personal expression.

This past year, we've joined our ethos with the organic beauty brand Olie Biologique. Founded by Linda Thompson, Olie’s face and body oils empower women to see themselves (and the skin that they’re in) not as a mass of imperfections that need to be covered up, but as natural beauty.

As part of our Fall campaign with Olie Biogolique, My Beauty Is My Story, we joined together on a line of six limited-edition body oils.

The line is directly inspired by The What’s Underneath Project. Six strong, unapologetic and unvarnished subjects of the series have been invited to make their own oils based on their spirit and stories. Each oil is as unique as the woman who created it: Sarah Jane Adams, Rachel Fleit, Melanie Gaydos, Molly Guy, Mari Malek, and Biet Simkin.

The oils aren’t full of fillers or synthetic ingredients and they’re not selling mass-produced photoshopped ideals of beauty. The oils are all-natural, pure, and potent

For the stories of the women, the body oils, and our partnership, watch the video above.

To find out more about the ingredients, or to purchase your own, go to Olie's website!

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