Mothers & Daughters: Shazia & Minahil Mahmood, Our Partners
Mothers & Daughters: Shazia & Minahil Mahmood

Our third episode of the Mothers & Daughters series that we're making with Allure is now live! The third video features school safety agent Shazia Mahmood and her daughter, the model and activist Minahil. Growing up in a Muslim, Pakistani household, Shazia mostly covered up, and, whenever she saw her daughter's mid-part exposed, she'd think: “Put on a shirt.” But, instead of imposing her own standards on her daughter, Shazia learned to accept the empowerment that Minahil receives from revealing more of her body. As for Minahil, the strength it took for her mom to divorce her physically and emotionally abusive father inspired her to see that no woman should ever have to feel limited by anything -- whether that be a husband, a career, or even kids.

To watch the entire journey of this mega, real-deal empowering mother and daughter team, press play above!

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Shazia & Mainhail's video was edited by Andrea Cruz & Raymond Chu

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