Mothers & Daughters: Raquel Cepeda & Djali Brown-Cepeda, Our Partners
Mothers & Daughters: Raquel Cepeda & Djali Brown-Cepeda

Today, we’re so psyched to launch the first episode of our Mothers & Daughters video series with Allure.

As a mother-daughter team ourselves, we are keenly aware of all the stereotypes and misperceptions that society pushes onto the mother-daughter relationship, like that you need to separate from each other in order to be your fullest self. In truth, based on our own relationship and the relationships we will feature in our new series, a close, uncensored mother-daughter relationship can be a fundamental part to helping both reach their freest and fullest potential. 

As Djali Brown-Cepeda says about her mom Raquel Cepeda in the first episode, “Whenever I come home, I tell her about from the time that I leave to the time that I come home.’ When it comes to her daughter, Raquel told us, “She teaches me how to be softer, she teaches me how to be still and I give her fire.” For a peek at Raquel and Djali’s episode watch the trailer above.

To watch the full-length journey, press play above and discover how Raquel and Djali have confronted confining Latina beauty norms, as well as a host of other life experiences, like how to relate to your daughter about her first sexual experience.

With warmth & love,

Elisa + Lily


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