Mothers & Daughters: Ann Dexter-Jones & Charlotte Ronson, Our Partners
Mothers & Daughters: Ann Dexter-Jones & Charlotte Ronson

The second episode of our Mothers & Daughters video series with Allure is now live, and we’re so excited to share with you the relationship between jewelry designer Ann Dexter-Jones and her daughter, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson.

As mothers, no matter how sensitive and cautious we are with our daughters, we inevitably impact the way they see themselves (both for the good and the bad). For Ann, that happened when a loving pinch on the hip during Charlotte’s early teens was misread as a negative comment on her body. As Ann says, “I saw the look on her face and it cut to the quick how I affected her self esteem.” About her mom, Charlotte says, “She wasn’t always the most complimentary to our faces. But maybe that’s how she was brought up to. You don’t want to give your kids a big head. You want them to focus on the inside -- on what’s important.”

Having Charlotte and her siblings find a job at 13 was, among other things, was one of the measures Ann took to give them the character and discipline to pursue their dreams and passions in adulthood.

To learn more about how a rock ‘n roll mom balanced discipline while encouraging freedom of expression in her children, click play above!

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Charlotte & Ann's video was edited by Andrea Cruz & Christophe McHale

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