Marieme Diop Freed Her Hair and Found Her Sovereignty, Our Partners
Marieme Diop Freed Her Hair and Found Her Sovereignty

In the third installation of our five-part series exploring self-image and identity through hair, made in collaboration with Bedhead, we feature the story of musician, Marieme Diop. “My hair says that I am fierce, otherworldly and that I am not afraid to experiment or live life,” says Marieme, who experienced colorism and was bullied in high school for her dark skin after moving to the Bronx from Senegal, where everyone had looked like her. From feeling pressured in her adolescence to fit in by making her hair straight to now embracing a natural look and dying it blue to accentuate her skin tones, Marieme’s hair serves as a testament to her newfound pride in who she is: “I feel unfuckwithable at the moment.”

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