Sybil Domond, Dispelling Beauty Myths
Dispelling Beauty Myths: Height

In collaboration with Allure, our newest Dispelling Beauty Myths series is confronting the harmful standards of beauty that keep us from inhabiting our freest selves.

Sybil Domond, who stands at 6’2”, was always the tallest person in her class. Assumptions others made based on her height, along with hurtful comments from strangers, made her stature a source of shame and limited her self-expression. As she explains in her video, “I listened to TLC a lot, and they wore baggy clothes and I loved that. All the other girls were in the same thing, and they were petite and looked cute. But being 6’2’’ and wearing that, I was always awkward. Some of the kids would say, ‘Oh my god, you look like a football player.’ I’ve been called giant, and huge, and it is painful.” Now, Sybil appreciates the memorable impression her height leaves on others. She runs People of 2morrow with her husband (who’s 6’4”), along with raising her daughter, who’s destined to be the tallest in her class. Sybil is insistent that her daughter understands that her height is beautiful, and that no one has a right to comment on her body. As Sybil explains, “It’s ignorance. They shouldn’t be saying that, but who is going to tell them that it’s not okay? You shouldn’t comment about someone's height, or weight, or color, or race, or anything. That's the beginning of living in a community without judgment.”

To watch Sybil’s interview in full, press play on the video above!

Sybil's episode of Dispelling Beauty Myths was edited by Kirsten Johnson

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