Maria Jose, Rain Dove & Kate Bornstein, Dispelling Beauty Myths
Dispelling Beauty Myths: Gender

Beauty is not chaining yourself to Western society’s rubber-stamped prototypes of female or male. There are infinite ways to identify with gender (including not identifying with any gender at all) just as there are infinite ways in which a human being can be beautiful.

In this week’s new Dispelling Beauty Myths video with Allure, we dig deep into the mammoth complexities of gender with three spectacular individuals -- Kate Bornstein, Rain Dove, & Maria Jose -- who have embraced a gender that reflects their own singular spirit. “I’m a non-binary trans-feminine BDSM diesel dyke tranny,” states Kate. “We need to do away with enforcing gender. Someone wants to be a man? Okay, you’re a man. Someone wants to be a woman? Great, be a woman... enjoy the hell out of it. If someone wants to be neither, have a ball!”

Fuck yeah! For so many people, gender remains a confining box of shame and repression. To watch the journeys of three gender renegades who shatter that box and let loose their own beauty on the world, press play above!

Elisa and Lily

The Gender episode of Dispelling Beauty Myths was edited by Andrea Cruz & Christophe McHale

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