Lizzie Velasquez, Dispelling Beauty Myths
Dispelling Beauty Myths: Disabilities

Our newest Dispelling Beauty Myths video series with Allure confronts how our culture’s harmful, one-dimensional beauty standard erases anyone who has a disability. Whether you see ability as a spectrum, another layer of your identity, or don’t identify as ‘disabled’ at all, there is no denying that the world is built around able-bodied people, leaving out 20 percent of our population.

In our first video, we’re sharing the journey of Lizzie Velasquez, who was diagnosed with Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome. As a teenager, she found a YouTube video with 4 million views calling her the ‘world’s ugliest woman.’ The pain of reading through thousands of hateful comments about her appearance without a single one defending her, became the catalyst for her self-determination -- neither other people’s perceptions nor her condition would define who she was. As Lizzie says, “Beauty isn’t your outer shell. It’s not the makeup you put on your face, or the clothes you put on your body. It’s what you do when you wake up every morning, and your goals, and your values, and the lives you hope to change.” Now Lizzie is a motivational speaker, with a TED Talk with over 10 million views, a best-selling book, and a documentary. To see how Lizzie liberated herself from the shame of being excluded from beauty norms, watch the video now!

Lizzie's episode of Dispelling Beauty Myths was edited by Christophe McHale

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