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Big Boys Do Cry

"The way you dress can interrupt someone’s train of thought and stir things up," declares designer Nelson Campbell in the final video for our theme on men. Nelson is one of the three Cali boys in our Mashup that turns staid definitions of masculinity into dust. There's Preston Smiles, who went from gang member to artist, and from generic tees and baggy jeans to Native American vests and top hats. You won't find Nick Fouquet testing pick up lines at bars. The reserved hatmaker who grew up with five sisters is much more likely to tell you about his latest emotional awakening and how easily he could have been gay.

For us, these vulnerable, skirt-wearing, heartfelt men have ten times the balls of any steely bro. Whether it's Nelson reflecting about (not) holding hands with his father, or Preston's story of unrequited love, or Nick's confession that he strays from confrontation and wears his heart on his sleeve, these men's honesty and forthrightness make them our knights in shining armor.

Elisa & Lily

Video edited by Andrea Cruz
Shot, photographed, and interviewed by Elisa & Lily


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