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The Art World's Samurai Ballerina

"From the time I was seven all I did was eat, breathe, and sleep ballet," says Angela Goding, the MoMA PSI Assistant Director, always draped in the most pointed designers such as Margiela and Maria Cornejo. Effortless in her life and style, the day our art world fashion warrior graduated high school in Cali she hopped a plane to NYC, where she danced with Robert Joffrey, the visionary co-founder of Chicago's Joffrey Ballet. "I knew I could get into one of the top ballet companies, but I would always be the girl in the back," the refreshingly aware Angela told us. After doing some clubbing and waitressing  at Odeon in the 80s (where she served the celebrity couple of the moment, Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder) Angela fell in love with the architecture and light of Paris before returning to school to study philosophy, Asian studies (her mom's Chinese), and, at Columbia, art history.

For Angela and her razor-sharp samurai/ballerina bob, the trek to MoMA started at a gallery on 24th Street. "It used to be a taxi garage. They would paint the cars and, due to the fumes, I'd be sitting in the gallery high as a kite." She also spent time at the performance art space the Kitchen until she received an email from MoMA. Unable to resist the coolness of the renown institution and uninterested in selling art to wealthy collectors, Angela involved herself with education and outreach, engineering trips to China, Brazil, and India, where Angela saw what we don't see in America, women wearing "the most beautifully colored saris and people walking around with pride, beauty, and taste.


You can learn more about MoMA PS1 here.


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