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While growing up, Thaddeus O'Neil's mother received a phone call from his school asking her to stop his son from coming to school each day in the same pair of holey-crotch sweatpants. The designer/surfer/philosopher/writer has no time for anyone's system other than his own. He's as comfortable with his crooked path as he is in a night shirt that his mother made for him. On Thaddeus, that nightshirt, combined with a pair of the original DM brogues and a leather vest, becomes one of the most innovative and dashing ensembles for a man that I've imagined since falling for the gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors, in DH Lawrence's Lady Chatterly's Lover.

Expanding upon Diana Vreeland's belief that style is nothing without literature, Thaddeus adds, "Style is personality. It's everyone's story." Photo assisting Bruce Weber, hydrogeology, carpentry (as a means to surf across the world), a MA in Philosophy, designing clothes -- the new dad's combo of cashmere cardigans and customized batik shorts mirror his own life experiences in their fluid, nonchalant (yet thoughtful) approach to life. "You start with a method and you end up in the same place. That's not why we design, that's not why we make art, and it's not why were living," says Thaddeus. Having appointed himself the Prince of Unfulfilled Enthusiasms, what concerns him is unsanitized curiosity and "pushing through the unknown," not pumping out staid products for profit. Thaddeus's one-of-a-kind hand-dyed designs are like art.

A thirsty scholar, fluent in everyone from Zizek to Adorno to Bergson to Nietzsche, Thaddeus knows mobility trumps contentment. The elegant beach bum-cum-ancient tribal leader is our kind of demigod, one who treasures being an amateur over feigning omniscience, and whose value of always "becoming" makes him truly wise.

xo Elisa & Lily




Nightgown by his mother, Japanese tie, vintage Dr. Martens shoes



Jacket, shorts and top by Thaddeus, Converse sneakers


Shorts by Thaddeus


Shirt by his mother, Pants by Thaddeus, Comme des Garcons Converse sneakers



Henrik Vibskov sweater, pants by Thaddeus



Shirt by his mother, Pants by Thaddeus, Comme des Garcons Converse sneakers



Converse sneakers


Jeans by Thaddeus, Dr. Martens shoes


Jacket, shorts and top by Thaddeus, Converse sneakers



Sweater by Henrik Vibskov, pants by Thaddeus, Comme des Garcons Converse sneakers



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