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Stand Alone In Your Own Skin: Our Fall Fashion Mash Up

"I could never see myself in anything skimpy or revealing. There's nothing's wrong with showing skin at all. It just depends on how you go about it," comments Armina, one of our four awe-inspiring women for our fall mash up fashion video. Coincidently, all of the girls echo a similar sentiment of dressing for themselves and therefore exude an aura of intoxicating self-assurance. Armina in her self-designed, kimono-influenced, 3/4 length hemp jacket and matching pants; Arpana in edible hues, including pink boots, periwinkle tights, a colorful plaid skirt & tie-dye cardigan topped with layers of jewelry from her home, Katmandu; Elena in a navy, oversized, tailored pant suit; and Sarah Jean in 18th-century reproductions, including petticoats and bloomers.

Our muses full-on sartorial expression matches their depth and is seasonless in inspiration. With Hopi Indian braids, Sarah has a consuming romance with American history; Armina, a coy modesty in a linen frock that expresses her love for her Muslim faith that keeps her grounded; Arpana, a wealth of eclectic emotions in a sequin mini and Tokyo kimono, revealing her need to distract herself from the recent death of her parents; and Elena, a brazen willingness to break from her solemn Soviet roots by wearing anything, like the gaudiest of necklaces with a fuzzy, eye-popping floral vest. The essence of these four women will compel you to borrow your boyfriends' suits and pair them with a big gem choker, or they'll inspire you to not be afraid to look like a museum diorama, but, most importantly, they'll encourage you to scream who you are at the top of your lungs in all aspects of your life.

Elisa & Lily


1. What's inspiring you for fall?
2. Do you like old clothing? Do you ever look into the meaning and history of your clothes?
3: Do you relate to the style or aesthetic of any of these women?  If so, why?

Our Fall Fashion Mash Up was edited by Jeremy Sam
Read our Q&A with Elena, Sarah Jean, Arpana, and Armina. 

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