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Topman coat, shirt found in France, Levi's jeans.

"I'm driven by an excitement and love affair with other people's music," explains  Toronto-bred singer-songwriter/actor Slim Twig. Fueled by a fountain of enlightened, glamorous musicians -- Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno, Bowie --  you won't see Slim soliloquizing his sad-sack shitty love life. A self-proclaimed "stylized lyricist," Slim's music is as alluringly sophisticated as the clothes he rocks. The indie troubadour's style is detailed and finely crafted, as in our first picture, where a scissor-sharp vintage blazer, carefully cuffed jeans, and enticingly bouncy Elvis hair ignite an erudite and incisive image. A lover of the novel Lolita and a foe to irony, Slim's style and art radiates scholarly, urbane sincerity.



Left: Levi's jeans. Right: Vintage tank top, Levi's jeans.


Vintage t-shirt, Levi's jeans.


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