Margo Simms & Hannah Elliott, Second Skin
Our Second Skin Marathon Begins!

Over the summer, we teamed up with Look TV to shoot our first official season of Second Skins, our series that documents what happens when two people with opposite styles switch clothes. For the next five weeks, we'll be posting two Second Skins per week, as well as stories about our brave participants and their experience of "walking" a day in another person's shoes.

Our Second Skin marathon begins with Margo Simms and Hannah Elliott. A Japanamation, hip-hop/electronic-inspired musician, Margo's closet is a flood of unexpected silhouettes, vintage, color and Powerpuff Girls gear. With hair as extravagant as her platform sneaks, Margo is an unmissable exotic sight. In sharp contrast, Hannah, a world-traveling Forbes fashion and lifestyle journalist, prefers a darker, monochromatic palette. Her closet,  full of silks, leather and polish, reveals her cool and collected uniform. Hannah is at ease with being understated and quiet, while Margo's world-beat threads allow the shy singer to express her roaring side.  How would Margo's spotlight-hungry personality be affected if she was forced to walk around in Hannah's demure clothes? How would Hannah be treated professionally if she was required to adopt Margo's flashy attire? To find out, we made them swap styles for a day.

As each girl pulled out the other's clothing, I was surprised by how appalled they each were by the other person's pieces. I expected Hannah to be nervous to stand out too much, but I was startled by her utter disdain for Margo's fantasy wardrobe and how each item played into one of her many style pet-peeves, including her aversion to all things blue. Though I anticipated that Margo would be mildly annoyed about toning down her style, her shocked look when staring at the subdued contents of Hannah's bag was more than I was prepared for. It was painful to be the one to drive them into such an unwanted situation, yet the day taught Margo and Hannah numerous lessons -- most importantly, to question their judgements, because penny loafers and eight-inch platforms aren't always worn by the type of person that you think.

The criticisms that Margo and Hannah express at 4:53 when they first see each other's clothes will make you nervous for what they have in store. You'll laugh as Margo calls herself a nun at 9:24 and when one of her coworkers tells her that she looks like she going to hang out with a Mormon guy at 15:02. You'll feel sympathy for Hannah as she attends an official business meeting in studded kitten ears at Soho Grand at 12:00 and when the eight-inch platforms that she's stumbling in fall apart at 14:00. Finally, you'll be surprised at what Margo tells Hannah when the two come face-to-face at 19:54.

Stay tuned Friday for our Second Skin with Grace Lee and Goldie Rush!


Video edited by Gregory Pescia

Special thanks to Kenyon Phillips & Dræmings for providing some of the music!

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