Kenyon Phillips & Milton Pusey, Second Skin
Kenyon Phillips & Milton Pusey

Milton Pusey and Kenyon Phillips have a lot of things in common. They're both performers with infectious, confident charismas. The idea that everything -- and everywhere -- is a stage comes easy to them. They're also both Men with a capital 'M', even though they embrace masculinity from two very different directions. Find out what happens when they swap the classic masculinity of Dean and Brando for the manic, omnisexual aplomb of Adam Ant and Jagger and vice versa. Will Kenyon survive the latest battle with his old nemesis, Ralph Lauren? Will Milton be able to find something -- anything -- in Kenyon's wardrobe that will actually cover his torso? Find the answers to these questions (and a few more we bet you haven't even thought to ask) in the video above. Along the way, they confuse their friends and bandmates, record a few songs, run into some familiar SLU faces and learn something new about themselves and each other. Spoiler alert: We got Kenyon to wear a shirt for almost an entire day.

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Second Skin