Maad*Moiselle & Lindsay Degen Exchange Clothes, Second Skin
Unwanted Attention

Maad*Moiselle describes her style as "sexy badass." The Alexander Wang-obsessed singer (check out her single featuring A$AP Ferg) isn't phased by the catcalls that her sultry red lips, short shorts, and breezy tube tops elicit. As for knitwear designer Lindsay Degen, she gets a different kind of attention on the street -- gawks and Midwestern mothers, saying , "I dressed like you when I was your age." In high school, the math mind started a knitting club, whose members included the entire female faculty. No Wangite, Lindsay's uniform is a trend-defying merger of granny and edge. Her choice footwear are platform sneakers that she designs; Maad's -- Chloe boots. For Second Skin, each would discover what it's like to walk around in the other's shoes (and clothes).

During the day, Lindsay and Maad got the kind of attention that they each try to avoid in their normal lives. In Maad's vixen vest, heels, and ruby red lipstick, Lindsay receives a trio of lecherous stares at 15:17, and in Lindsay's stringy onesie and Saved By the Bell-esque sweater, Maad couldn't avoid the crazy, "what-in-the-word-do-you-have-on?" side-eyes. At 16:27, Maad's friends freak out at her new look, worrying that it will put her music career in jeopardy. Right afterwards, Maad realizes how important style is to her art, as she struggles to feel like herself while rehearsing for a performance in Lindsay's offbeat, quirky getup.

But this Second Skin wasn't all about differences. Maad and Lindsay each had more in common that I initially expected. Check out 14:14 to see what I mean.

Stay tuned Friday for our next Second Skin!


Video edited by Shane O'Neill
Music by Draemings, Kenyon Phillips, & Maad*Moiselle

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