Grace Lee & Goldie Rush, Second Skin
Switching Clothes For a Day

In our next Second Skin, DJ and musician Grace Lee has to swap her tomboy baggy blacks for Goldie Rush's girly girl, paint-splattered, flesh-baring outfits. Having survived childhood abuse by an uncle, Grace's sleek masculine threads are an armor that reads DO NOT TOUCH. As for Goldie, she's a Burning Man veteran whose see-through shirts and dresses, made of sheer scarves, exude a comfort in exposing her body. Does Goldie care if you can catch a glimpse of her nips? Nope.

In the pre-planning process with Grace, I was feeling some headstrong resistance to her willingness to fully immerse herself in the other person's clothes, so I enlisted my mom for extra reinforcement. However, even with some authoritative presence, Grace was stubborn. She went through about 50 outfits, and we were not going to win the high-heel argument. As soon as Grace put on Goldie's clothes, her mood, which was once anxiously excited about what was to come, became uncomfortably somber -- I felt her pain. In Grace's new look, I witnessed her identity melt. She felt unable to approach "hot girls" and was mortified to set foot in her events for the evening. "I miss myself," Grace confessed. In contrast, the chameleon explorer Goldie was nonplussed with the garment exchange. Although her carefree charm was curbed, the girl who's accustomed to feeling the air on her skin was mostly just overheated and uncomfortable in Grace's blazer, long-sleeves, and pants.

You'll laugh when you see Grace OCD'ing about giving her Jordans up at 3:33. See Goldie guess Grace's traits almost exactly as she unpacks the anonymous tomboy's clothes at 6:26. Feel Grace's lonely anguish as she first enters the outside world in Goldie's free-spirit digs at 8:00 and struggles to hit on hot girls at 11:00. You'll want to hold Goldie's hand as her friends tell her how Grace's clothes have changed her personality and you'll also see how important it is to feel accepted by your friends at 16:00. Finally, at 17:40, witness Grace reclaim her swagger as she prepares to meet Goldie face-to-face.


Video edited by Adaeze Elechi
Music by Kenyon Phillips & the Ladies Waiting, Heather Boo, Unisex Salon, and Draemings
Check out Goldie at and follow her daily outfits at Outfits Of My Life & @outfitsofmylife
Check out Grace's website and follow her Twitter @iamG_LEE

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