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Rock Your Body

"Women are a creative force. We are creative beings: our bodies are designed to give birth to creations, ideas, and beliefs -- to bring things into fruition."


Kimme Aaberg

"Your body is a physical manifestation of all you're thinking. If you’re thinking polluted thoughts like ‘I’m ugly, I’m fat, my body doesn’t look like hers’ then you are telling your body that it’s not okay."


Shine Blackhawk

"I have no fantasy or delusions about being skinny. I admire every woman no matter what color or body type. I don’t want to look like any of the supermodels or a size 2 because that’s not realistic for me. I’m African, my body is different. I have hips, thighs, a butt. It’s time for me to accept my body."

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Heather Porcaro


Fariha Roisin Hasan

"I used to think ‘my body is so bad, I’m such a bad person,’ because I was a young girl with a booty and hips and I attracted men. I hated everything about myself. A lot of women are just ashamed of who we are."

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Grace Woodroofe 

"Trying to get yourself to fit into a size 2 jean when you’re curvy as hell means that you have to starve your whole essence."


Bailey Roberts

"I’ve gotten rid of the ideology of the scale. I got rid of how much I weigh and how much I want to weigh."


Soul Ogun

"I actually did this whole thing where I got naked in front of the mirror and had a long conversation with my body and I thanked it." -Shine Blackhawk


Jane Belfry

"It’s funny because women have these hang-ups, but boys don’t. They don’t care. Every man I’ve ever been with has said that I don’t need to change anything. It’s me and my state of mind that makes me feel my body is inadequate."

All quotes from an interview with Shine Blackhawk

Featured photo is Wamuhu Waweru

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