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Girl Time

 "I'd sing in coffee shops with my brother because he writes  music," says Nora Patterson, the Baton Rouge resident and lead singer of Royal Teeth. "Then I got a message from the guys in the band on Facebook saying that they needed a female singer. We used to share one hotel room, so it would be six guys and me in one room. It was pretty awful. But now we get at least two rooms. They give me space. They know when I need to have girl time."


"Miley Cyrus gives me a headache. I can stand the songs because they're so catchy and you can't get away from them. But her whole facade is just too much. I can't watch her for more than two minutes."


"I don't feel comfortable showing a lot of skin or feeling too sexy, and I definitely have to feel comfortable up on stage with a bunch of people looking at me. I'm not a super outgoing, sexual type of person. I think it's good for people that can work it, but it's not necessary all of the time. I think someone showing off their great figure in a nice, covered-up way is beautiful."

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