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Nadia claims that she had the instinct to start her blog in order to make people realize that there’s so much more to life than what society thinks you should be. Her leap of faith paid off soon afterwards when she received her first comment on Tumblr from an anorexic girl with an anorexic family who felt as though she started living once she had discovered Nadia's resolute self confidence and freedom in the way she dressed her shapely body. Unwilling to subject herself to any status quo beyond her own singular self, Nadia went as far as to cut off all of her hair in order to avoid being typecast as a sex symbol.


Vintage top from Florida, Forever 21 skirt, heels from Go Jane. 

A part of the various cells and armies that are creating the new normal within our skinny-obsessed cultural dictatorship, "guts" is an understatement to describe the courage that Nadia has to put herself out there. At 165 pounds, 5 foot 3, and size of 8/10, she does not see herself as plus size. As a result, her voice is bridging the divide, blurring the lines, and creating a much needed conversation about the deadly affects of our current, twisted beauty standards. She tells a story about this past New York Fashion Week, when she wore a crochet dress with high-waisted underwear and a bra underneath. There was another girl wearing the same thing who was a size 2. Yet, when compared in photos, Nadia was considered the slutty one, which raises the issue of our common underlying queasiness over our sexuality and how it has manifested in a status quo of pre-pubescent body types.

Passionate about peplums, high-waist lines, blazers, and bedazzled tops (instead of the all-to-often hiding that women of voluptuous gifts do), Nadia looks to Kanye West when feeling the inevitable vulnerability that comes with standing alone. “I spend all day working on my craft. You can’t emotionally hurt me because this is what I put all my heart and soul into. I don’t really care what you think about it, as long as I think it’s good," states the renown rapper. Nadia admits that it has taken years and lots of trials and tribulations to build her confidence and business. "It didn’t happen overnight," she says. "You have to start somewhere."

-- Elisa Goodkind



American Apparel dress, Forever 21 heels, vintage belt and blazer from Salvation Army.


Dress from iheartposhshoppe, Go Jane heels, ASOS  necklace.


Dress from, Solestruck Matiko heels.



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