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"I get tattoos because I have a vision," Kenyon says. "When you have a vision you don't ask if it's the right thing to do, you just do it." The angel wings inked onto his shoulder blades are the visual mark of his indestructible commitment to connection and bringing joy to those around him, all of which is epitomized at Kenyon's theatrical rock shows. Losing the ego and allowing the audience to share in his consummate aura is Kenyon's goal. His magnetic force enables him to unite an array of downtown NYC's eclectic artists and to bring his message an even grander life. So immersed in the moment, Kenyon states, "I don't know when something is real and I don't know when something's not. That's part of the surrealism of my life. Like a trompe l'oeil painting, my purpose is to transport everybody."

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Kenyon's first tattoos were the La Calavera and the heart on his chest. At 16, Kenyon got the flames on his biceps. "They've literally seeped right into my brain," Kenyon told us, regarding his flames.



On September 11th 2001, Kenyon had  just moved to NYC and was living very close to the World Trade Center. His apartment did not have TV or internet, so when it started to fill up with ash, dust, and smoke, he had to flee. While running for what felt like his life to the Brooklyn Bridge, Kenyon had a vision of birds.  Within days, Kenyon got a bluebird and robin hybrid as symbols of freedom, survival, and joy.


Watch Kenyon's Closet here.

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