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Reshaping Masculinity

We're super excited to launch In Conversation With, our new video series  that allows us to talk freely with transformative individuals . Our first conversation is with the Harvard educated, anti-sexist activist Jackson Katz (he's also a former football player). Ever since I saw Jackson's Ted Talk about how men need to start being held accountable in the violence against women debate, I've been dying to hear more from him. When Lily and I were in LA recently, I was able to do just that. With views about masculinity that rip apart the status quo, Jackson encapsulates what our theme on men is all about: "Those of us men who don’t speak up -- who don’t make it clear to our friends that we don’t accept their sexist behavior and beliefs -- our silence is a form of complicity." See what I mean?

"Individuals don't just burst out on their own," explains Jackson. "We're products of social systems." In our conversation, Jackson details all the ways in which American society turns loving boys into power-hungry hard shells who can only converse with each other about sports.  From pornography to crying to Miley Cyrus, Jackson's take on gender needs to be heard loud and clear. Listen to Jackson's box-breaking insight and join our conversation now.



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