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In PVC platforms with anklets and loads of print on print, Idil's style is reminiscent of a pop/punk version of the centuries old carpet from her native Istanbul. In grade school, the teachers had to wash the red dye out of her hair, but the punishment only pushed the Turkish editor/entrepreneur harder into her own person. She came to the States for school and today has claimed a serious stake in the cultural realm of originality and edge with her wildly successful Bullett magazine. Idil's apartment is a dreamland soaked in a modern Rococo charm. There are stacks of polychromatic knits with wildly eccentric shoes on the shelves as well as old-meets-new juxtapositions such as a plastic cross hanging on tassle-printed wallpaper and a pink typewriter with crystal chandeliers. It's clearly Idil's oasis away from the relentless grind of her beloved startup magazine, where she has often found herself, sleeping (drooling) on blow-up beds with her staff in the office.

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"I'm one of those people who looks out the window and asks, 'What’s out there?'"


"My low moments are when I realize other people don’t care as much as I do. Then I talk to my dad, who says, 'No one will ever care as much as you.'"


Versace shirt, Christian Louboutin heels

"For me, you start at 100 and loose points. You never start at zero. I never treat someone like shit. I always assume they’re amazing until I realize they’re not."


"When you walk out of your house in Turkey, you don’t know what you’re gonna go through that day, whereas here in America it's more predictable. I remember one time I was parking my car and this piece of organ fell on my windshield. I was covered in blood and I look up and there’s this prostitute with her titties out telling me, 'It’s not for you, it’s for the cats.'"




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"Olympus used to be inhabited by Greeks and pirates. There's tree houses connected by bridges and ruins from 400 B.C.  No one is selling tickets or turning this place into a tourist attraction. It's all just chilling there."


"No’s define your career more than yeses."


Living with Mormons in Missouri as an exchange student, Idil got into trouble for saying damn on the phone and sporting spaghetti straps (for this, she was grounded a week).



Dolce & Gabbana top and Mary Katrantzou skirt, Kenzo shoes


Kenzo shoes


Dolce & Gabbana romper

"We give platforms to people who have incredible talent -- who have never been given a chance. I read every single email that comes to my mailbox."

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