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If you ever doubted that good energy brings success, look no further than Coco and Breezy, twins who are identical in everything from their tattoos to their indomitable work ethic and spirit. Few supported them when they wanted to come to NY at age 17, but they came anyway. It was during that time when we shot them for StyleLikeU in a tiny room where they both lived, and we knew that their seminal individuality and irreverence for anything other than their creative vision and positivity would make them two of the future's strongest voices. Every time we are with Coco and Breezy, we can't help but wish that we could spend at least one day as them and be endowed with their ability to pull off over-the-top glasses accentuated with red lips and touches of jewels on every corner of their body. Their collaborative attitude is a refreshing throwback to another time, where designers work with each other on projects and were proud to be members of a groundbreaking community.

Coco and Breezy's matching tattoos tell their story in chronological order, from the shy sisters with glasses always on to where they are now, fearless and confident with glasses off (symbolized by their peacock feather and woman's eye). Their gratitude is infectious, visible in the bible verse on their chests: "The earth is my footstool, heaven is my throne."

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"Breezy and I our pretty spiritual. We were at the tattoo shop and my best friend opened the bible, found a verse , and we got it tattooed on us." - Coco



About their peace signs on the right, Coco told us, "Since we were two years old, every time we got off the phone with our dad we'd say 'peace out.' and, to this day, we still say it."


You can watch our Closet on Coco and Breezy here.


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